TGI Greek Spring 2018 Internship Program
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If you're a college student and a member of fraternity or sorority that enjoys meeting new people and promoting some of the best custom apparel around, then our intern program may be the perfect opportunity for you. You’ll earn cash, spice up your resume, and get great experience for the real world.

As a TGI Greek intern, you'll work closely with our team of designers, marketing coordinators, and sales reps to create t-shirt magic and promote the brand in a fun and fresh way. Although the internships are throughout the span of a semester, we hire throughout the entire school year so feel free to apply anytime.

If you’re a graphic design major whose second home is Adobe Illustrator, you speak our kind of language. We’ve been designing custom art since 1990 (there was no internet and fonts had to be purchased on CDs) so a graphic design internship with us is an opportunity to put some gold on your resume while still in school.

You’ll be assigned weekly design projects that meet a weekly deadline all the while giving you an opportunity to let your personal style influence Greek life and student organizations all across the United States. Must be sophomore, junior, or senior level with experience in creating graphics, a solid grasp of design concepts, and examples of past work.

Even in this technological world we live in, word-of-mouth continues to be the most effective form of marketing. Your role as a TGI Intern is exactly that; to spread brand awareness through different marketing events and channels at your campus in a way that appeals to your demographic.

Your tasks may include (but are not limited to) delivering freebies to apparel chairs at individual chapters, planning marketing events, engaging in social media projects, marketing research, and just all around being the awesome word-of-mouth for TGI Greek at your campus. You’ll be compensated for the completion of weekly projects and given opportunities for bonuses!

A great design on a great shirt (with great service) makes you feel some type of way and you want to tell everyone about it. As a TGI Greek campus sales rep, you’ll work closely with our sales team for training, work-flow, placing design requests, and the entire order process from start to finish to grow sales at your school.

You play a huge role in the customer experience so since you love to meet new friends and rock cool custom t-shirts, the knowledge you’ll gain from this internship will take your customer relationship and networking skills to the next level. You’ll not only be compensated for the completion of weekly projects, but earn commision on all TGI Greek sales you bring in the door.

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